Matching Gift for Donations From Our ’70s Brothers

UPDATE 6/27/22 – This challenge has been met!

On behalf of the Honoring Our Legacy, Building Our Future campaign to build a new DU Chapter House, I am excited to announce that DU brothers and siblings, Scott and Steve Swenson, have offered a $50,000 matching gift challenge to all of us who graduated in the 1970s.  Between now and June 30, any DU who graduated between 1970 and 1979, and who makes a new or increased commitment to the campaign, will be matched by Scott ’75 and Steve ’76 up to a total of $50,000.   The Swenson Challenge is the third active matching gift challenge available right now to brothers in various decades.  Brothers Doug Mark and Dennis Hill have also offered up matching gifts to challenge others in different decades. 

Your pledge to meet the Swenson Challenge can be spread over five years, and contributions of $5,000 and greater will be listed on a donor plaque in our new home. Gifts of $25,000 or more may receive a tax benefit and I’d be happy to visit with you about how that works.  Please consider a multiyear gift that allows you to stretch your support over time. The important thing is for you to pledge or give before July 1. If you pledge $5,000 over five years, for example, Scott and Steve will give $5,000 to match your pledge.  If you have already made a pledge, the Swensons will match any increase you will make.  For example, if you have already pledged $10,000, we truly thank you.  If you add another $5,000 to your $10,000 commitment, the Swensons will give $5,000 to match your additional commitment.  

There is an honor roll of donors as of the date of publication in the OV.  There is also news about the Mark and Hill challenge and a few remembrances of Mrs. Uhas.  Gentlemen, we are making very strong and steady progress with our campaign and fully intend to begin construction work in July.  Since the copy for the Open Visor was written, we have added more than $500,000 to our total campaign progress.  

Thank you again for being a DU and for considering what you might do to help us continue the unparalleled heritage of Delta Upsilon at UND.  

With gratitude and appreciation,
Rod Kirsch ’78