Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders (DUEL)

The Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience is an immersive program for first- and second-year undergrads who are interested in developing their leadership potential. It is uniquely designed to help young leaders meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter.

This Summer, undergrads from across North American travelled to UMass Amherst & Williams College to walk through the footsteps of our founders. Among those from North Dakota were Bill Brooks, Keith Wilson and Jordon Blais. The group spent five days diving into the program where they began to identify, analyze and understand their personal leadership. They began to take ownership for creating their ideal experience through Delta Upsilon and identify the specific actions needed to make that experience a reality. Immersed themselves into conversations regarding diversity and shared values to effectively collaborate and lead through courage and conversation. Most importantly, undergrads created a personal vision of the future for themselves and their chapter.