Alumni Spotlight: Scott Pegues

Scott Pegues ’93

Scott Pegues, a native of North Oaks, MN, graduated from UND in 1993 with a degree in public relations. His freshman year, Scott resided in Walsh Hall. The residence halls were overcrowded so they were allowed to move into DU. John Balintona ’92 became Scott’s big brother and encouraged him to get involved. During undergrad, he held the leadership positions of judicial board chair, scholarship chair, alumni relations, chapter relations, and judicial chair to IFC. While living at 505 Princeton, Scott resided in Fourman, Fireside, and Blue Room. Scott was active on campus outside of DU. He was president of the Student Public Relations Association and president of the Black Student Association where he would also volunteer.

After graduating in 1993, he moved to Minneapolis to become a development director for a housing and human services company. Today, Scott works in health care administration and has been doing ministry for the last six years while also serving on the board of general ministries for American Baptist Churches USA. Scott has the following advice for undergraduates and fellow alumni. “DU is a fraternity. Have fun, focus on spending time and interacting with brothers and alumni. Build relations, friendships, and personal connections. Volunteer and make sure to have a great time. Lean into our four founding principles.”