A Testament to DU

From Ken Krueger ‘71

Ken Krueger ‘71
Ken Krueger ‘71

I was a 1971 UND graduate and to say my college experience was at times, turbulent, would be an understatement. The Vietnam War became the elephant on our campus as it did throughout the nation. As a USAF ROTC Scholarship participant, I was often torn between disgust for the war and yet a desire to serve. As divisive as it was, my DU brothers never derided my career path nor attacked my personal desire to serve my country. As an out of state student, I was always welcomed and had several opportunities to join brothers back in their North Dakota hometowns during the harvest season. An eye-opener for a kid from the Chicago area.

After graduation, life just seemed to be front, and center and I really had no connection with UND or the DU Chapter. Thank goodness there are folks like Lynn Luckow, Jerry Schmidt and all the other brothers who saw the need to once and for all establish a solid foundation for the ND DU Chapter in the form of a 100-year house. When I was approached to participate it gave me an opportunity to look back and evaluate what that time meant to me. Maybe it’s the melancholy perspective of a senior, but I know those were formative years and my DU experience played a huge part. The real cherry topping was getting to reunite with my DU Brother and roommate, Warren Halvorson. Amazing how even after fifty years, we connected like it was back in 1970.

I would ask all of you to reflect on how your ND DU experience impacted your life. Your contribution to the new Chapter House can help do the same for those brothers following in our footsteps.