Winter 2021 Chapter News

Although the fall semester of 2020 was much different than all it’s predecessors, there is still much that is happening at 505 Princeton Street. The North Dakota Chapter of Delta Upsilon began the semester by having a special initiation week for last spring’s associate member class due to the semester being cut short by COVID. In a special election, Nathan Moe, a sophomore majoring in biology, was elected to the University of North Dakota’s Interfraternity Council as the Vice President of Membership.

While much of the normalities of life in the chapter have been stripped from us, some traditions such as the yearly haunted house trip, chronicles, and hockey on the coulee were still able to happen.

Last spring, the chapter voted to add the role of Wellness Chair, and it has seen a huge uptick in responsibilities as we move through these difficult times. It has proven itself an essential position by providing assistance to members with UND’s physical and mental health resources that they have available.

Fall 2020 Associate Member Class