Remembering Our House Mothers

Throughout the years of Delta Upsilon at the University of North Dakota, many of the men of this chapter have been graced to have a college mom. From Ceil Uhas to Helen Heen, our chapter has had the honor of having several house mothers.

Ceil Uhas, or Mrs. Uhas as many know her, was our chapter’s first house mother. Mrs. Uhas brought a kind yet strict motherly touch to the chapter from the 60’s through the 80’s. She taught etiquette, supervised dinners, made decorative decisions, and was there for her boys when they needed help anywhere from sewing a button to family problems. Mrs. Uhas, and the DU house mothers who followed in her footsteps, have been an integral part in our chapter’s history. 

We would love to hear more about the house mothers of DU, so please send us your favorite memories of DU house mothers from your time at DU at UND to

Read the article from the Dakota Student about Mrs. Uhas below.