President’s Message – Fall 2021

Thus far, the fall 2021 semester has been a return to form for the North Dakota chapter of Delta Upsilon, and I don’t just mean everyone is back on campus and has in person classes, but in the way that the brotherhood is thriving. As a chapter we decided it was time to hold ourselves to the standards that had been set before us and set even higher standards in areas that needed improvement. Our top three objectives for this semester are grades, recruitment, and community outreach.

Gustave Ries, Chapter President

Academics have always been a core part of our fraternity and is the reason we are all here. Vice President of Academic Excellence Fredrick Matthewson has been working with the entire chapter on scheduling, study habits, grade checks, tutoring and helping any member.

Another of our goals is to bring in a strong new associate member class. Recruitment is never easy, especially for a small chapter with big goals. But, with buy-in from the whole chapter, a lot of hard work and commitment as well as the help of several generous alumni, we were able to have a very successful rush and bring in 18 new associate members.

The future of our chapter has never been brighter. For the first time in this millennia, we are pushing the 50 member mark and building a new chapter house. With the land purchased and the ground broken we can see the next chapter of our fraternity beginning. It will be up to the future generations of Delta Upsilon to write that next chapter, but it’s up to us to set the example of what it means to be a brother in the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.