NDDU Holds Alumni Career Day

The Chapter recently held an Alumni Career Day at UND’s brand new Memorial Union on February 26th. The Chapter was pleased to be joined by Brice Welch ’11, Mike Yem’ 10, Jeff Hanson ’79, Dr. Mark Christenson ’87, and Corey Mock ’08.

These alumni spoke on their careers, professional development, advice for life outside of college, and much more. After the presentations the undergraduates and alumni went out for lunch for continued networking.

Special thanks to Jim Sweeney ’86, President of our Education Foundation, for helping the Chapter put this together.

Coincidentally, the North Dakota Chapter held it’s very first career day back in 1983 on the same day, February 26th. Below is an excerpt from the 1983 Annual Report where it covers the Chapter’s first Alumni Career Day. Attached is the DU To Date from the report.

“On February 26, the first annual Alumni Career Day was held at the Chapter house. This was held in conjunction with the University’s Centennial kickoff which was also held that weekend. Jim O’Connell ’75, Brian Poykko ’77, Tim Rasmussen ‘76. Ken Regan ’77, and Mark Rohrer ’76 returned to discuss their careers, the job market and what it is like in the real world. They also related their experiences as undergraduates at the University of North Dakota and the Delta Upsilon Fraternity and how these experiences helped prepare them for life.”