NDDU Chapter Advisor Brad Aafedt

Chapters that are successful have successful, engaged alumni and a masterful chapter advisor.”

In his introduction of Brad Aafedt ’86, at the groundbreaking ceremony in October, Lynn Luckow ’71, noted the importance of having an engaged chapter advisor available to the undergraduates to help navigate life as a DU and as a college student.  Brad Aafedt has been a part of the renaissance of the North Dakota Delta Upsilon chapter since January, 2019.  As chapter advisor Brad has learned a lot about the inner workings of the chapter and international headquarters.  Brad enjoys many aspects of being chapter advisor, but his favorite is getting to know the guys and working with them and watching them as they mature in their leadership roles in the house.  

As a recently retired radiologist, Brad has been the ideal person to help assist the members of the chapter house in navigating their way through the Covid pandemic.  Because the physical structure of the chapter house at 505 Princeton is in such a bad state of disrepair, Brad has also learned a lot about ways to cobble various mechanical and structural pieces together to make sure that the undergraduates have a safe environment in which to live and study.   

Brad Aafedt speaking at the NDDU New House Groundbreaking

Brad’s experience as chapter advisor has helped the process of designing a new house because he has witnessed how the present house has continued to present challenges to its occupants.  Brad is bringing that knowledge to the team that is working with the architect and contractor.  

Brad Aafedt has been and continues to be that “masterful” chapter advisor that the North Dakota chapter has needed.  Thank you, Brad, for your commitment to our brotherhood.  

We all know from our Delta Upsilon experience and from engaged alumni like Brad Aafedt, that the future is bright, and this is the opportunity to help build upon our legacy at UND.

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