Alumni Spotlight: Doson Nguyen

Doson Nguyen
Doson Nguyen

Doson Nguyen, a native of Halliday, ND, came to the University of North Dakota in the fall of 2012 to study Biology with a pre-medicine emphasis. As a freshman, he lived in the infamous Walsh Hall. Doson was involved in ROTC, having signed up for the National Guard at the age of 17. One of his suitemates often played pool at the Delta Upsilon House. Naturally, Doson was convinced to join his suite mate and spend some time at 505 Princeton. He believed in the same values of DU and especially in Building Better Men.

Outside of DU, Doson was involved in student government. As a sophomore in 2014, Doson was deployed to Afghanistan. There he was a part of a team who tended to injuries and transport to hospitals. After 9 months of deployment, he returned to UND. Doson then took a hiatus from school to travel the world. His world travel itinerary included backpacking in South America to volunteer in clinics, climbing Mt. Tucall in Morocco, exploring much of Europe, and partying in Ibiza. Doson then returned to Grand Forks to finish his degree.

Doson then went on to attend the University of Akron School of Law. He then interned for the US Court of Federal Claims, where he met his now wife in Washington D.C.. Today, Doson is a congressional legislative fellow for HillVets, an organization who helps place veterans The Hill to work, and he is a legislative fellow for the United States Senate. Doson values the connections he’s made and the lessons DU has taught him.

Advice Doson has for his fellow alumni and undergraduate brothers is that your priorities change, don’t sweat it, be flexible, don’t pigeonhole yourself from when you were 18 and forgive yourself.