Alumni Spotlight: Brad Aafedt

Brother Bradley (Brad) Aafedt, a 1986 grad, has served as the chapter advisor for the North Dakota chapter since January of 2019. During his time advising, he has learned a lot about the inner workings of the chapter and international headquarters as well as how Greek life has changed since his undergraduate days. Brad enjoys many aspects of being chapter advisor, but his favorite is “getting to know the guys and working with them and watching them as they mature in their leadership roles in the house”.

Brad Aafedt ’86

During his time in undergrad Brad can recall countless memories, but one that holds a special place in his heart is meeting his wife at a DU event in January of 1983. His first words to her were “Aren’t you in my calculus class?” and the rest is history. After graduating with degrees in natural sciences and psychology, Brad went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine in 1990, and later completed his radiology residency in 1995. Brad then moved back to Grand Forks where he spent his career as a radiologist at Altru and chaired the department from 2006-2014 and then later retired in 2018.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Brad has had to tighten his social pod and assist the chapter with navigating through the pandemic safely. Although the pandemic has been a burden on daily life, there have been some positives that have come out of it. Brad has become more comfortable with video conferencing and has had refreshers on public health, immunology, and virology. Brad can recall one of his professors talking about “new mRNA vaccines” and now years later they are being used to curb this pandemic. Grand Forks county asked retired medical professionals to help vaccinate the public and Brad didn’t skip a beat to volunteer. So far, he has administered over 1000 doses to the public and he finds it so rewarding to help.